«Silvermoon City» 2:11.
«The Gates of AhnQiraj» (Exclusive Track) 4:00.M (4 November find sex rohtak 2005).Commonwealth of Australia (September 16, 2009).«The Wrath Gate» (Cutscene Event; Exclusive Track) 3:53.«Shards of the Exodar» 4:38.M (January 28, 2014).«Shadow of the Necropolis» (Exclusive Track) 4:22.«The Burning Legion» (Main escorte latina montreal title) 3:58.Lines have been drawn between the Horde and Alliance, loyalties tested, and the war between the factions has begun in earnest.The race is on to recruit new allies and gather a new powerful resource Azerite.«God Hunters» 3:34.

«Elwynn Forest».03.
«Song of Elune» (Exclusive track) 2:13.
Will you heed the call of battle?