The intoxication of that is what was interesting.
They even had an accounting term for it: It was called T and E, which stood for Travel and Entertainment.But could they really be so disingenuous as to ignore that just as many people would high-five each other over those very same things?But the films Scorseses known for.Yarn is the best way to find video clips by".Since the release of Martin Scorseses new film, The Wolf of Wall Street, theres been almost daily internet back-and-forth about its merits, its morality, its shortcomings, andabove allthe white ass whores question of whether it glorifies greed, amoral excess, and misogyny.There are so many loving odes to Quaaludes that some enterprising chemist is almost certainly attempting to bring them back into production right this minute.This doesnt make him a sexist; it doesnt make his movies misogynist.There are trophy wives: Belfort finds his when she shows up at his beach house, and pursues her while his faithful first wife watches.Stories that engage with women as anything more than wives, mistresses, or shopping-bag conveyors?And through it all, the audience never sees him suffer in any significant way.They were priced between three and five hundred dollars and made you wear a condom unless you gave them a hefty tip, which I always did.