So, that's what has been done with HIV/aids and this has been a tragic mistake.
Her scorn is reserved for other people: UN bureaucrats playing the Bullshit Bingo (lining up sentences in a report or a grant proposal that will get you money but say rigorously nothing - grant writing is art of bullshitting.
Or it may not.Hey, I work in academia, I know what I'm talking about here!) or do not want to call things what they are because of who might get offended, religious conservatives who lie and work their hardest to prevent good prevention or good policy because.In these parts of Africa, aids does affect the larger population (Zambia, which I visited a couple of years ago, the infection rate is at an appalling 16 of adult population) but that's just not the case in Asia where most of the solutions described.Abstinence promotion has been tagged to aid given by the United States, forcing many NGOs to recommend that prostitutes quit their jobs to avoid HIV.The author of The, wisdom of, whores and Indonesia Etc., she is based.Without the proliferation of circumcision and condom use to put a break on infection rates, HIV transmission has run rampant (156).In short, the added revenue.S.Bottom mk1 escort keys Line: This book is required reading for anyone involved with aids/HIV.As an epidemiologist researching aids, Elizabeth Pisani has been involved with international efforts to halt the disease for fourteen years.With swashbuckling wit, fierce honesty, and more than a little political incorrectness, she dishes on herself and her colleagues as they try to prod reluctant governments to fund HIV prevention for the people who need it most: drug injectors, gay men, sex workers, and johns.With verve and clarity, she shows the general reader how her profession really works; how easy it is to draw wrong conclusions from "objective" data; and, shockingly, how much money is spent so very badly.And to conclude, Pisani is more of a sociologist than she would probably admit because her book seamlessly merges the social and the epidemiological.International funds from the United States require that supplies and drugs be purchased from the United States.With swashbuckling wit and fierce honesty, she dishes on herself and her colleagues as they try to prod reluctant governments to fund HIV prevention for the people who need it mostdrug injectors, gay men, sex workers, and johns.The transmission rate of HIV through anal receptive sex is incredibly high.Pisani is a staunch advocate for HIV/aids prevention and her policies stem from that perspective.The Wisdom of Whores is a great read.72 percent have sex before marriage (190-191).She has avoided adopting any degree of ideology, developing policy recommendations that stem directly from evidence.