where do whores go a song of ice and fire

In A Dance with Dragons, numerous times, Tyrion asks several characters, "Where do whores go?", obviously clinging onto the faint hope of being reunited with Tysha someday - although he has no reason to believe that Tysha has left Westeros.
At the Lannister battle camp, prior to the.
Tyrion was lost at sea by way of their forced separation, and given that Tysha is currently on Braavos, Tyrion's location across the ocean from her makes him a sailor who remains lost on the waves, waiting for some god to blow him back.
You didn't say anything at all.She may not be the only whore we've ever heard of, but she's certainly the only one to whom we can tie an identification with marriage.Bronn comments "I would have killed the man who did that to me"." Shae's keen observation on Tyrion and Tysha.It is unclear whether Littlefinger knew what really was done with Tysha, but in view of his treacherous nature - it is likely he knew and deliberately lied to Sansa, in order to prevent her from taking any actions that may help Tyrion.For a moment Tyrion thinks that she has captured his lover Shae, though it is quickly revealed that she captured the wrong whore, mistaking that Ros was his lover.However, even if Joy is younger than Lanna, that means little by itself.Father will be so pleased." Prior to the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion's sister Cersei intends to take petty revenge on Tyrion, by capturing the new whore that he has fallen in love with and taken to King's Landing with him.In the pines, in the pines.She thinks that if she finds the right god, maybe he will send the winds and blow her old love back to her, said one-eyed Yna, who had known her longest, but I pray it never happens.Realizing that Tyrion is innocent, she protests it is unfair.In the first book, in the Lannisters' camp, when Tywin says that Joffrey is acting stupid by executing Ned Stark and retiring Barristan Selmy, Tyrion says that he also made some stupid things when he was approximately his age.Dareon has married her for the evening, which Sam considers an affront to the vows of the Night's Watch; the scene has a great photo whore deal to do with the conflict between the two black brothers, and very little to do with the woman herself.One problem with all this is Joy, depending on her true age.Rock Plaza Central - A Town at the Bottom of the Ocean Build a town at the bottom of the ocean and we'll keep out the people who don't like us we'll keep them outside in the airlock and we'll make them pay twenty dollars.Src Behind the Scenes Bryan Cogman stated in his Twitter account that originally, in Season 1's " Baelor the showrunners never intended to include the scene in which Tyrion explains his backstory with Tysha in Season 1 - keeping in mind that at the time.Put in that context, it doesn't seem at all far-fetched.
3 Later, when Tyrion is commiserating about his situation with Bronn, the sellsword advises him that it is not the worst situation.
However, there are a lot of whores in Westeros, and not all of them have been dealt with by Tyrion; it would be asinine to link Tysha with every whore that any character might meet over the course of the series.

Tell me, have you married this one yet?