Detection of parts of strewn pieces of flesh, said to be belonging to the Tiger (ltte) pilot found on some floors proved that the pilot would have lost control of it after hit by Air Defence System, initial Police investigation have revealed.
The injured civilians were evacuated to the general hospital at Ampara (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).Sarath Fonseka said to the BBC on the corresponds more with the reality, than speculation.He said the ltte which had eliminated all Tamil leaders and threw the Indo-Sri Lankan accord to the dustbin, was responsible for the present situation.Soldiers confirmed at least two terrorists were killed in their fire.UN blamed ltte for holding hapless civilians as human shield and appealed to release them. The most irritating thing is that when ever these countries including UN and other UN agencies, so called humanitarian organizations like Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International (AI) albeit making statements condemning the brutal acts and pointing the finger at the perpetrators ltte terrorist.Prostitution is legal for citizens in Denmark, but it is illegal to profit from prostitution.And it is troubling."We have at all times, treated those civilians fleeing from the grip of the terrorists to the safe zones, most humanely (Full report in Sri Lanka Defence Ministry).Thambimuttu in a letter to The Island (17 beitbridge prostitutes February) titled "Why Flay Blake?" has referred to the UK and the USA having a moral responsibility to negotiate a political settlement in Sri Lanka.More than 26,000 people died in some 50 makeshift camps across South Africa.' (Full report in scopp).The London Metropolitan Police said in April, the person will be produced at Southwark Crown Court.Lawyers, police clash in Madras High Court - In unprecedented violence on the Madras High Court premises, advocates protesting against the arrest of their colleagues in an assault case fought pitched battles with police personnel for several hours on Thursday.The terrorists have made a desperate attempt to attack the military post while blasting off the transformer taking cover with a flurry of small arms fire directed at the troops, security sources said.IS SRI lankolony OF india?This exhibition was successfully held in a number of Western capitals in recent months.
For example, only via his essay that I came to know that within the Trincomalee harbour there is a trench so deep that a an American nuclear sub may rest in safety there and, if it ever comes to that, place American icbms simultaneously.