Another example can be seen in a language that has vowel harmony (like Turkish 7 the vowels within a given word share the same quality, so a word boundary is likely to occur whenever the vowel quality changes.
That's all gossip, you know; not a word of truth in it, and it's been very annoying to us both.
For example, in a language that regularly stresses the last syllable of a word, a word boundary is likely to fall after each stressed syllable.A verbal signal, as a password, watchword, or countersign.The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language (1.).A word may consist of a single morpheme (for example: oh!, rock, red, quick, run, expect or several ( rocks, redness, quickly, running, unexpected whereas a morpheme may not be able to stand on its own as a word (in the words just mentioned, these.An undertaking or promiseI give you my word; he kept his word an autocratic decree or utterance; orderhis word must be obeyed a watchword or slogan, as of a political partythe word now is freedom' computing a set of bits used to store, new haven escorts backpage transmit,.Indivisibility : A speaker is told to say a sentence out loud, and then is told to say the sentence again with extra words added.But news of the classes is spread mainly by word of mouth, and participants bring along their friends and families.Pontificate derives from "pontifex and in its earliest English uses it referred to things associated with such prelates.3 This correlates phonemes (units of sound) to lexemes (units of meaning).In the plural, the meaning "verbal altercation" (as in to have words with someone) dates from mid-15c.Sometimes, languages which are extremely close grammatically will consider the same order of words in different ways.(used in combination with the first letter of an offensive or unmentionable word, the first letter being lowercase or uppercase, with or without a following hyphen My mom married just a whore at 20, and she mentions the m-word every time I meet someone she thinks.Take one at one's word, to take a statement to be literal and true.Of many words, talkative; loquacious; wordy: a person of many words but of little wit.ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonyms, legend: Switch to new thesaurus, noun.However, for some purposes these are not usually considered to be different words, but rather different forms of the same word.8 Japanese uses orthographic cues to delimit words such as switching between kanji (Chinese characters) and the two kana syllabaries.Byrd, and George.

Thoroughbred is the word for her, style and action, as the horse people say, perfect.
However, some languages have infixes, which are put inside a word.
Still other people have moved away from the word diet altogether.