Tekashi 6ix9ine took to Instagram to share the meaning behind what "69" stands for and it's probably not what you thought.
Sexually Experienced But Illiterate, dear Sexually Experienced But Illiterate, Sixty-nine, or 69, refers to a group of sex positions where two people simultaneously perform oral sex on each other by aligning themselves so that each persons mouth is near the others genitals.
Second, theres the logistics.One move to consider, though, is practicing safer sex.The trip was seemingly eye opening for the rapper.The earliest known use appeared.Thats what makes.Warning: This page contains material that may be considered not safe for work.South Park called "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy" in which the cops respond to claims that a female teacher is having sex with a male toddler with, "Nice.".France, tags sex, slang, number, nice, additional References, urban Dictionary, wikipedia 69 is a number used to refer to a sex position due peggy is a whore to the number looking like two people having mutual oral sex.Tekashi 6ix9ine is one of the most talked about people in the rap game right now.Various Examples External References Read Full Entry.Like with any sexual position, 69 is not everyones thing.Youd have to be pretty thick in the ears if you couldnt get that lyric.In the following years, it would become practice to mass-reply to any tweet with the number in it, regardless of context, with nice.His explanation comes shortly after he shared footage from his trip to the Dominican Republic.While it looks to be sensual and naughty, but in reality, it is not that amazing.

Today, he took to Instagram to reveal exactly what "69" stands for.
Turn the 6 upside down its 9 but remains the same in a different perspective.