what does no strings attached sex mean

Person 1: "Have you heard about No Strings Attached?!" Person 2: "What you talkin' bout, nigga?" Person 1: "They are the best group of voices ever to come together.
It's like sex to your ears.
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This is so there is not anxiety of worrying about where him or her is or what him or her is doing.I hope you brought protection.When a guy says, "lets just have some fun, no strings attached he prostitution should not be legal essay means, "lets have sex tonight, but be out of my bed by the time i wake.".2) I am so glad there are no strings attached with Dave.I booked them for my wedding and they vocally skeeted all over my ear drums." Person 2: "Haha stupid-ass Jive Turkey, you shoulda wore protection" # strings # attached #skeet #jive turkey #protection #condom #nigga #ass #wedding #music # sex #jackson 5 #boyz ii men.Top definition no strings attached unknown 1) Doing something for someone without asking for anything in return.Joey L 9 years ago 4, thumbs up 1, thumbs down, comment.Now six friends, from different backgrounds, come together to make music as sexy, sensual, and seductive as ever!I can just be free and do whatever I want.2) Being in a relationship with someone, while still dating other people.1) It is ok, I will do you a favor.Strings, attached unknown, one day The Temptations, Jackson 5, Boys II Men, New Edition, and The Four Tops had a baby.And they named it " No Strings Attached ".Definitively say yes or no to no strings attached.What Does No Strings Attached.'Clockboy' Ahmed Mohamed Makes Awkward Comments Right Before Meeting Obama. .
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