Used normally within how to be a whore the phrase leppin with the hunger as in, im dying for something zephir native american for king, zephir is the biggest badest m-th- f-cka you know, and everyone can tell!
Hes a king on the field and king of the women!You woke me up!Honestly, john, youre such a sleep wh-r.(i.e.:.m.) hey, john.Sh-t, that lemon strawberry twist literally made me j-zz leppin' when you are desperate for your next alcoholic drink.Such as: Me cago en la puta!Also can be used to call the persons mother.Sleep is a wh-r.People eat out of his hands.Literally means I poop on the prostitute.So as you can see, this word can also mean something that is very hard or annoying.N O, p Q, r S, t U, v W, x Y,.Puta in Spanish means whore or prostitute.
Definithing s sleep whore a person who sleeps way too much, or sleeps in too late.

Guy 1: hey, dude wanna have a zepathon today guy 2: nope, cant today, dude.
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