what did ancient greek prostitutes wear

Research suggests that fabrics were often brightly colored and decorated meetup for sex only with elaborate designs.
I have the impression it is called a diadem but I always though a diadem was a sort of chest probably wrong so please help me outthanx!It is difficult to assess whether this was the actual price or a proverbial amount designating a "good deal".8 Their tariffs are difficult to evaluate: they varied significantly.They liked light skin that looked like they stayed in the shade.Citation needed It is quite clear what ancient Greek men thought of prostitutes : primarily, they are reproached for the commercial nature of the activity.Women take advantage of this image in men.Hairdo in Ancient Greece during the Classical Period.Contraceptive techniques used by the Greeks are not as well known as those of the Romans.23 In 397, a prostitute at the perioicic village of Aulon was accused of corrupting Spartan men who went there.Fragment 98, my mother used to say, when I was just your age, that a girl who bound her hair with a purple band wore the most becoming thing that any girl could wear.Question: I was wondering are there any Goddesss with Red hair?Roman women wore the ankle-length, pleated dress known as the stola, which could have long sleeves and fastened at the shoulder with the clasp known as a fibula.