"New Car Company".
"Let Me Put the Tip In" Donnie Baker The Pork Pistols 2:09.
"Attack of the Weiner Man" here come THE mummies 3:14."Ponzi Pizza" 2:58.Bob Kevoian, fantasy Camp" 3:17."Chinchillas and You" Screen Door fortis escort hospital delhi appointment Production 2:14."Husband #4" The BOB TOM Band 2:22."Tuna of Opportunity" Heywood Banks 2:07."My Dad, the Practical Joker tommy Johnagin 3:10."Girl with a Dirty Mind" Bob Kevoian 2:50.Chick " 3:22."The Good Life" Greg Hahn 3:58." Wii Sit" 2:12."Sleeping with a Zombie the, bOB TOM, band 3:08."Musings" Costaki Economopoulos 3:24."The New TV Detectives" 4:30.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to top gear truck driver prostitute navigation, jump to search."The New Rock Band " 4:41."Ask a Guy Hanging Upside Down from a Ski Lift" 3:15."Snailman" Dick Mango 2:51.It is a double disc CD compilation which corporate rock whores represents original material recorded during their syndicated, daily radio show and other studio numbers which had not been previously presented on air."Winning the Lottery" Donnie Baker 2:42."Celebrity Birthdays" Tom Cavanagh 2:24.

Billy Mazing 2:21.
" Clinton Library Tour" 2:45.