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Quaid didn't want to give it back.
Cluster F-Bomb : Technically, the looping " Get your ass to Mars " may count.
Tracey, Scott (August 22, 2011).
Quaid : Are you all right?Additionally, the various mutants are this.You had to be Quaid!" Hologram : Lori's tennis teaching simulation and a wrist device that creates a false image of its wearer.Or was the sweat just part of the naturalistic projection of a human being in a stressful situation?An emblem of Rekall is stamped onto his arm and, just as why prostitution should be legal debate the fantasy is being loaded by technician McClane, they discover that Quaid already has real memories of being a spy.After a short moment of silence, he suddenly snaps and shoves his ornamental fishbowl onto the ground.He's been dreaming about her at the start of the film, which is an indication of his hidden memories.Quaid reacts instinctively, killing the entire squad.Said "chip" has the size and approximate shape.45 ACP bullet and is encased in something akin to a small ping-pong ball, which seriously stressed the Willing Suspension of Disbelief about how Quaid didn't notice a foreign body of these dimensions loitering somewhere around.Retrieved November 5, 2011."Revisionist History for 'Kennedys' crew".Helmets Are Hardly Heroic : When we see Quaid at his construction job, he and Harry are the only ones on the site not wearing hardhats or safety goggles."Open your mind to Bill Nighy as the new Kuato in the remake of Total Recall".28 Scenes were filmed at the Pinewood Toronto dating just sex Studios, 29 as well as the University of Toronto, Lower Bay Station, cibc Commerce Court, the University of Toronto Scarborough, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 30 and Guelph.Artistic License Physics Mars is roughly under half an AU from Earth at closest approach, meaning it should take at least three minutes each way for the Video Phones to send messages.A Resistance operating in the UFB, which the UFB views as a terrorist movement, seeks to improve life in the Colony.
Benevolent Precursors : Although it's never explained why they didn't activate it themselves, the atmosphere-creating terraforming device left behind by the aliens it not only still fully functional after half a million years of being buried in a mountain, it can also be activated.

The, piers Anthony novelization of the movie expands on things even further, giving a few glimpses into the alien race that created the reactors and adding a bit of gratuitous sex.