Stock: 0 / 3, strange, buy Price: 0 Keys.44 Ref.
Stock: 0 / 1, unique, buy Price: 0 Keys.22 Ref.Sell Price: 0 Keys.88 Ref.Stock: 0 / 3, non-Craftable Ornament Armament, unique, buy Price: 0 Keys.11 Ref.I 1, gold Botkiller Flame Thrower.2 The Phlogistinator, Manmelter and Third Degree are not directly obtainable from crates, but instead can be created by combining a Unique version of the item with the Phlogistinator Strangifier, which can be found inside Crate #82, the Manmelter Strangifier, which can be found inside.Sell Price: 0 Keys 20 Ref.Prices: Electric, escorter 2 exist, unusual, electric, escorter, community Sparkle.5 keys 10 exist.7 Available from unboxing the Unlocked Cosmetic Crate Pyro.I.99 2x world of warcraft Strange Turbine Torcher Flame Thrower (Field-Tested).03 3x Basic Killstreak Strange Homewrecker.04 3x Strange Toy Tailor.04 6x Specialized great falls mt backpage Strange Third Degree.08 14x Specialized Strange Reserve Shooter.09 Strange Lightning Rod Shotgun (Well-Worn).10 11x Strange Towering Pillar of Hats.Sell Price: 0 Keys.33 Ref.Strange, lollichop.17 29x, strange, panic Attack.19 41x Strange Flame Thrower.19 12x Strange Axtinguisher.23 2x Uncraftable Strange Third Degree.23 15x Strange Scorch Shot.25 8x Strange Silver Botkiller Flame Thrower.
Supply Crate that each item can be obtained from.
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Homewrecker.15 32x, strange, powerjack.15 12x, strange, back Scratcher.15 11x, strange.