The following is a list of escorts in the game.
However, I was wondering, what's the best Escort ship out there?
Special: Bonus to damage, speed and maneuverability; can load cannons; bonus to weapon power; extra forward weapon slot.
Dismiss, you are leaving m, okay - I Understand.Continue to link and leave Arc Games.Streamlining the Mission Journal, as escort passport 8500x50 blue part of the launch looking for sex quotes of Age of Discovery, we're streamlining the story experience of Star Trek Online.Again, make sure you're using the strongest Mark type that you can afford/obtain/equip.You'll want to choose one that is such that you're last volley fires right before the enemy leaves your firing arc.No thanks, take me back to Arc Games.Dual Heavy Cannons do about the same DPS as Dual Cannons.By clicking Accept, you agree to use the cookies necessary for the function of this site's services.Their lack of adequate medical facilities will hinder their ability to maintain their crew's health.Primary Role: Heavy damage ship, boasting incredible firepower for its size.Or is it a pay cash to be better kinda deal?For an Escort, you want to use energy weapons with small arcs if you're running a fast an agile ship.I haven't played STO in years, and am having trouble remembering how prostitution in usa is legal everything works.This site uses cookies to optimize your browsing experience to help improve the platform.In addition, weapons with smaller arcs have higher DPS.Your agility will make it such that you can use weapons with small arcs (45-90 degrees) more effectively since you will be able to reposition that arc against the enemy more easily than a cruiser could.Which of the three you use should really be a factor of how far you can get from the enemy before you start your strafing run.Some features may not work correctly.Reman - Infiltrator.
If you absolutely have to dive into other weapon types for some reason, Dual Beam Banks are not a terrible fallback when you don't have access to Dual Cannons or better.
Mainly, you need to make sure to have some torpedo batteries on your ship to quickly kill an opponent once you've demolished their shields.