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When he gets home, it turns out that all of it is for a surprise party that Mama Llama is holding for him because he's always such a good helper.
In "Happy Birthday Sweetheart" on My Little Pony Tales, one is held for Sweetheart at the end of the episode.Rachel : Oh, you guys, this is great!Louis and being welcomed back with a surprise party.Also other interesting coffee facts.On Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Daniel and his friends / classmates work together to make one for Teacher Harriet's birthday legacy sport escort in "Teacher Harriet's Birthday".Live-Action TV At the beginning of the first episode of Kularb Neua Mek, Airin and her friends decide take the party to Anawin.Ultimate Spider-Man : Spidey's teammates seem to being organized a party in Peter's house behind his back, but Subverted when they really just want to have some fun of their own, as that house was the only available for the purpose.Some characters throw a surprise party for another character.I mean, it's so unexpected!Find the expat services you need to navigate your new life.When he sees the suspicious activity, he raids the party.Embed (for m hosted blogs and archive.Dinosaur Train In "Surprise Party Shiny, Tiny and Don throw a surprise party for Buddy on the Dinosaur Train and invite all of their best dinosaur friends to attend.There's another one, "Rocket Train Surprise Party in which the kids and the others on the Dinosaur Train hold one for the Conductor after the kids learn that it's his birthday and he hasn't had a birthday party since he was a kid.
One is held for Madam Gazelle in "Madam Gazelle's Leaving Party" on Peppa Pig as a leaving party for Madam Gazelle because she had said that she was leaving.
Even Quiet wishes him a happy birthday after the party in her own special way.

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Afterwards, Jonathan Torrens Gerald said in an interview segment that his favorite theory of Tim's so far was "But I don't think he's gay.
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