Randy answers that the Japanese are not normal people and they don't like dolphins like them, the "normal" people.
Mecha-Streisan season 01 episode 12, cartman's Mom season 01 episode 13, season 02, terrance Phi season 02 episode 01 Cartman's Mom season 02 episode 02 Ike's Wee Wee season 02 episode 03 Chickenlover season 02 episode 04 Conjoined Fetu season 02 episode 05 The Mexican.Luke's been hurt saving whales!".Japanese people appear from out of nowhere and kill all the dolphins with spears.Some (most likely) fin whales are then seen attacking the crab fishing boat.Hankey the season 01 episode 09, damien season 01 episode 10, tom's Rhinopla season 01 episode.Length: 23 minutes, genre: Animation, comedy, iMDb: m/title/tt1535839 south Park: S13E11 Description: Stan is upset about the Japanese killing whales and dolphins, so he takes command of the Sea Shepherd on the Whale Wars reality show and does something about.So from then on, Japan has been killing all the whales and dolphins.Hankey's C season 03 episode 15 Are You There season 03 episode 16 Worldwide Reco season 03 episode 17 Season 04 The Tooth Fair season 04 episode 01 Cartman's Sill season 04 episode eason 04 episode 03 Quintuplets season 04 episode 04 Cartman Joins season.The Japanese prime minister then sees a newspaper with Stan sinking another whaling ship.Stan visits, kyle, Cartman, and, kenny playing Rock Band, and Cartman is singing.A man is then seen who declares that Stan's methods are unethical.Stan retorts back that people have always used that excuse and no wants to do anything about.The crew of Sea Shepherd are then seen employing more violent methods of stopping the Japanese (Cartman sings "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga in the background).Randy comes up to Stan's room and tries to console him on what the Japanese did.Season 11 elliott bay escorts episode 06 Night of the L season 11 episode 07 Le Petit Toure season 11 episode 08 More Crap season 11 episode 09 Imaginationlan season 11 episode 10 Imaginationlan season 11 episode 11 Imaginationlan season 11 episode 12 Guitar Queer-o season 11 episode.Stan is ecstatic and joins.The Prime Minister crumples up the newspaper in anger.The Whale Wars crew is then seen on Larry King Live.Cartman is then interviewed, creating a fake sob story too.Larry continues to ask Stan why he made such an awesome show.
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Once again, nothing is happening on Whale Wars.