At the sacred whore quotes end of the room is a chain lever, which you need to pull to lower the raised bridge and neutralize the traps.
They are marked as essential in the game, meaning they how can i get prostitute will only fall down to one knee when they run out of health but will never actually dieeven when a dragon is breathing spouts of fire down their throats.Make your way through Karthspire and you will eventually encounter the first puzzle.This segment will be a lot easier if you use the Whirlwind Sprint Shout to bypass the plates.Question, what do I do if I am not getting the option to cut my palm and I am standing in front of the giant head?3, clear out the opposition in Karthspire.The Become Ethereal Shout will also negate the damage from the flames, while the Light Foot perk from the Sneak skill tree will allow you to walk over the plates without triggering them.Creep close enough to the camp, and the Forsworn will start shooting arrows at the dragon, which will obligingly begin chewing up the Forsworn for you.This also gives you the added benefit of pulling only a few Forsworn at a time, giving you a series of easy fights escort utf instead of one big rumble against the entire camp.You will come across a room filled with pressure plates with symbols on top of them.Approach the seal, interact with it, and wait for your character to feed the blood seal by cutting a palm.The option to cut your palm comes from the circle on the ground in the front of the head.Community Q A, search, add New Question.2, force your way through the Karthspire Camp.
Wait for Esbern to arrive.