Make sure when youre done you have less than 1,000 simoleons.
You may however make things more difficult for your housemates - The idea of the challenge is 'triumph through adversity' so snopes trump russian prostitutes some adverse conditions are encouraged.
Week 1 - This is an idea that I've made.
Kaching when: * One of your prostitute sims woohoos/tries for baby with escort service texas a client * If the client is labeled Rich by the game, you may kaching twice * If the client turns out to be in the law enforcement track, you must woohoo them.After a successful woohoo has taken place, you may type kaching into the cheat box and get paid for yourahem services.Week 2 - Athletic Task - This is an idea so you do not have to copy if you don't want to - Purchase enough Gym Equipment ( Running Machines) for all Sims to use.8 Strangers (sims) are put into a house and left to do what they like.If it comes to a draw between more than 2 Sims, that is Okay.They will all get the 10 points.Removing one or two beds.The Sims at escort gangnam the end of that week with the Highest Skill Gain wins the 10 points that are up for grabs.Week 7 - Field Trip - Take all of the remaining Sims to the surrounding park and see what happens.None of your prostitute sims may get married or move out.Games, you may make your house as attractive or hideous as you like.