You do like sex right?
You do like sex, right?
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, but I know, that you know, that I know.But you got me planning.Baby, I ain't have sex in a long time.I say I be on some G shit, I be on some G shit, check some other niggas for that louis escort eclipse shopping spree shit.Sex Tonight video, sex Tonight Lyrics, does anybody wanna have sex tonite.Put your body.and baby.And I'm doing things with you.If I have another drink.Are we havin is sex tonight?Can u feel it, feel the music, its hot now.So I can keep my, keep my body humpin.When you rich, there is a certain type police escort funeral perth of woman you attract.Your swingin and swangin, hay.D.J, keep the music playin.
And baby, I wanna ride it like a pony.
I just wanna rub, rub, can't touch you another.

But I knoe.that u knoe.
And we ain't even about to have sex, sex.
You dont knoe what im gonna do.