Theroux slipped onto the show twice, playing two different characters, and Bravo kingpin.
Then he makes her cry!
A world-famous artist with soulful Slavic eyes, an endless supply of caviar, and an enormous Manhattan loft, Petrovsky swooped in on Carrie like a custom-built romantic fantasy.How about the fact that.Until she refuses to participate in his fetish for golden showers.Or that Bill Kelley, the politician with a penchant for golden showers,.1-4 28 Jun.Photo: Everett Collection bobby-fine-wedding2 Who: Nathan Lane Character: Bobby Fine When: Season 5, 1 episode Star of film, TV, and theater, Lane appeared as Bobby Fine, a piano bar legend who everyone thought was gayuntil he announces he's marrying Bitsy von Muffling.Thats the fundamental premise of his character; hes fantasy more than fact, a collection of assumed masculine poses that do not add up to a coherent human being.Its a perfect little reminder that, for her (lovable) folly, Carrie is often a victim of bad intentions.1-8 thai hooker fuck 26 Jul 98, three's a Crowd.As an unabashed fan of, sATC (yes, still I find myself spending a fair amount of time writing about the shows characters, despite the fact that its been off the air for more than a decade.She house-hunts with him, makes out with him, and ultimately hops into bed with him, only to find out he's Carrie Fisher's personal assistant.But just as the party is getting started, unwanted guests arrive to break up their good time.3-10 13 Aug 00 All or Nothing.Dont go out so much.2-1 06 Jun 99, take Me Out to the Ballgame.Ive noticed, however, that a lot less attention gets paid to the men of the show than the women.He has a dog!4-10 29 Jul 01 Belles of the Balls.