security escort duties

It is made up of approx.
During the Second World War, it reported to the police headquarters and took the name la manga escorts of Guard of Paris.
Mission oriented Airman; pursues mission success w/ full mental prowess-promotion recommended when rdy Motivated attitude/work ethic; performed in courteous/professional manner-efforts earned him EST selection Motivated/dedicated SrA ready for new challenges; increased responsibility paramount-promote above peers My #1 pick to lead S4 flight; flawlessly managed unit's.
Government personnel and contractors within the National Industrial Security Program).Donated 600 of food to local food banks; provided families w/life's necessities-enhanced lives of community Donated six hrs with Wider Circle; furnished food/home goods to civs-advanced JBA community relations Donated to American Red Cross; bestowed money and clothing-helped victims of disasters in desperate times Donated.A multi-faceted SF mbr; performs above peers and always achieves top results-promote ford escort 1974 to SSgt immediately!Well rounded NCO whose professionalism and dedication surpasses his peers-promote to TSgt immediately!A dedicated Airman whose versatility, demeanor and job knowledge place him above his peers-promote!Extremely efficient; sets the standards/challenge and capitalize on her strengths-promote ahead of her peers!Consistent determination to improve; motivated and willing to accept challenges-promote Trained four flt Airmen; assured competence in assigned duties responsibilities-attained 90 eval pass rate True ambassador; mentored AF jrotc drill team-imparted military standards tradition to potential recruits Truly gifted/extremely dedicated NCO w/proven track record; consistently.Participated in inaugural Annapolis half marathon-raised 410K for Salvation Army Concerned for less fortunate; donated 600 in food to local food banks-provided families w/life's necessities Conducted 10 random AT/FP Measures; 20 vehicles/facilities inspected-prevented potential terrorist activity Conducted 125 AT/FP rams; executed 62 hrs of fence.Extremely knowledgeable NCO; provided top notch PAX Terminal briefing-coined by AMC/CC for delivery First on-scene to vehicle accident; secured scene/conducted investigation-minimized further potential hazards First resp to breaking entering in progress; led entry team direct to threat-subject detained, spouse unharmed First-rate Honor Guard mbr; participated.Participated in the Halloween night "Pumpkin Patrol patrolled base housing area-safeguarded 300 children Perfect leader/mentor for largest non-nuc SF Ops Supt the SF career field needs this SMSgt as a Chief now!480 gendarmes and civilians of which a little more than 10 are women.First on-scene at accidental shooting; provided medical attention and expertly processed crime scene - Performed as observer/controller during five usaf exercises; integral to overall success of SF assessments - Single-handedly extinguished a building fire at the Air Force dormitory while directing responding units.Performed 31 joint usss/SF DV details; secured arrival/departure of acft/personnel-world leaders protected Personally led two McGruff events; educated 400 children on crime prevention-enhanced community relations Piloted EOD team to suspicious package; safeguarded convoy/equip-device neutralized/mitigated loss of life Played key role in Tops in Blue function.Its name derives from the Municipal Guard of Paris, established on 12 Vendémiaire XI (October 4, 1802) by Napoleon Bonaparte.
On February, 1 1849, a Napoleon III decree made the Guard a part of the French National Gendarmerie.

Superior performer; achieved remarkable results/key member of "Team of the Month"-promote to SSgt asap!
For routine business call.