It is best to act to prevent the worst-case scenarios rather than try to solve the problem once it has escalated.
Two problems are evident here.
Omar' we moved south.
At about 3pm on Friday 1 February, seventy miles north of Cape Gwardafuy, I was alerted by a shout.As pirates become bolder and use ever more powerful weaponry a tanker could be set on fire, sunk or forced ashore, any of which could result in an environmental catastrophe that would devastate marine and bird life for years to Somali _pirate Conclusion Whatever the international community decides to do, it must not be at the expense of efforts to secure a political solution inside Somalia.Official Journal of the European Union L 252/39, 20 September 2008.However, as we have seen, the issue of piracy is not divorced from Somalia's internal problems, and the potential for an environmental disaster, a terrorist attack or major disruption of trade and subsequent increase in oil prices makes the case for preventative action a strong.Options for the international community Although the international community must recognize that only a political solution in Somalia offers a long-term solution to the issue of piracy, it is also crucial to understand that measures can be taken to improve the situation while efforts continue.The most recent initiative involves the establishment of a Maritime Security Patrol Area' (mspa) which coalition navies will patrol.Do as you are told.'.By late white whore destruction 4 Sunday we arrived in Eyl where15 more pirates boarded our ship.There malayalam actress involved in prostitution are deeper reasons why the international community needs to take heed of this problem than simple law enforcement.This is Omar, our Captain.After this we lost all our privileges and they followed us everywhere.We went from Oman to Dubai, where we met our wives.Somcan - Somali Canadian Coastguard, somcan held a contract from the government of Puntland from 2002 to 2005 to provide coastguard facilities for Puntland.This could be run by the UN or African Union and established with external funds.On the orders of Capt.
I convinced Omar to let us go north to Gabbac, a more sheltered spot.

The consequences of amore sustained attack could be much worse.