CD-29 switches on her searchlight and opens fire with her 120-mm bow gun, but loses the target after the first salvo.
Nimitz' (usna 36) haddo (SS-255) are trailing 1TL tanker niyo maru, a straggler from convoy tama-24A from Takao to Manila, that is towing old destroyer asakaze towards Dasol Bay.
31 December 1947: Completes scrapping.
No Dress Codes, most of the bars and clubs in Sasebo arent picky at what was a prostitute called in the 1800s all about dress codes.If youre looking for a nostalgic feel, visit The Westerner.Nauman, in turn, charges the kaibokan.While the Sasebo nightlife scene for Americans primarily consists of karaoke bars, Club Ginza is one of the few clubs in the city that Americans visit to enjoy R B, hip-hop, or Latin music depending on the day you arrive.Harlfingers (usna 37) USS trigger (SS-237) picks up oiler takane maru with her escorts and attacks.Arrives at Sasebo.Niyo maru radios Manila of her situation.At 0300, departs Nanao-Hoku Bay.Beginning on continuing until, the B-29s flew 1,529 nighttime radar sorties and laid 4,900 magnetic, 3,500 acoustic, 2,900 pressure and 700 low-frequency mines for a total of more than 12,000 mines laid in Japanese waters.CarDiv 4s hyuga and ISE refuel from oilers at Amami-Oshima.2 Sources conflict as to the identity of ships.The Supply Force supports Ozawa's CarDiv 3's zuikaku, zuiho, chitose and chiyoda and CarDiv 4's battleship-carrier hybrids hyuga and ISE.She was carrying a unit of IJN the IJAs 39th Shinyo Unit and its troops and 28 "Shinyo" explosive motor boats.Ruble's (usna 33) USS piranha (SS-389) torpedoes and sinks seattle maru at 19-17N, 120-15E.CD-1 and W-34 rescue the survivors.At 2010, zuikaku and light cruiser tama spot torpedo tracks and make a sharp turn to port.LtCdr (later Vice Admiral) Frederick.At 2120, LtCdr (later Vice Admiral) Vernon.
Sound contact is made with a submarine.
The B-29s could carry seven 2,000.

Her speed drops to 11 knots.
CarDiv 4 and destroyers depart for the Inland Sea.
At 1245, CD-22 departs Miike, Kyushu for Takao, Formosa with destroyer hatsushimo, kaibokan CD-1 and minesweeper W-34 escorting convoy moma-02 consisting of seattle, shozan, jinzan, tokushima, hizan (hiyama kokka, yasukuni, mantai, mitsuki, tenshin and ryofu marus and four unidentified merchant ships.