Dealer special editions: Mike Humble takes a sideways look at the once mind-blowing array of Limited or Special edition cars and wonders if makers could have stooped any lower for custom!
The ingredients were simple take a two-door Marina, make it look exactly like the.8 GT, simmer on a low heat for 45 minutes, then add a 1275.
What could eclipse this?
And the first step on the ladder for budget concious motorists after a cheap car.No serious injuries were sustained, but high end prostitution in dubai a rear seat passenger was almost knocked out by an aftermarket pod speaker that came away from the parcel shelf part of the Metros exclusive additional equipment so I was told!A special edition too far, mary Quant alongside yet another special edition The Mini Designer.It wasnt all bad, though, oddly though, I liked the car for its snazzy looking Cibie Iode 35 driving lamps in the grille, a rev counter, twin tone horns, 165/13 tyres, electric clock, Sundym tinted glass, rear armrest, push button Radiomobile MW/LW wireless and lamps.But I still have the magic touch with a roll of pinstripe!Back in the halcyon days, when watching ITV didnt make you want to throw a brick through the screen escort la rochelle of your wood-effect ITT Trinitron 24in Colour set (ours was on castors too) to alleviate the drudgery of buying a base model car, the manufacturers (or.These entry-level chariots of doom featured lovely plastic blanks where the wireless or cigar lighter should be, fixed back non-reclining seats minus the headrests, and clad in wonderful vinyl.Remember the Morris Marina LE?The Samara Flyte also was dressed up here in the UK, but with truly awful quality, the Skoda Rapid convertible hailed from a specialist coachmaker in Kent, and dare I say it, a fine looking car too.Even your basic Corsa these days features a CD and power steering so those disgusting dealer specials are now just a fond or painful memory.Who remembers the stunning.The Manta Exclusive run-out model equally so, yet Vauxhall also did the Antibes based on the Nova, Astra and Cavalier with awful doom blue paintwork and a seat trim that looked worse than hessian wall paper, all topped off with some sexy brilliant white wheel trims.Panda Italia 90 just check out those wheel trims!My own first exposure to this came ages ago, when my father came home.How I never fainted being overcome with the standard equipment levels in 1978, to this day Ill never know.What has this to do with cars you may think, bear with me reader Im coming to the crux.But it was a proper limited edition car in a lovely colour Oyster metalic I recall.
On the stroke of Midnight in came 1993, and the first advert on the all new ITV channel was for the Ford Fiesta Meridian.