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But for the uninitiated, Mexico City can be an unwieldy beast to negotiate (its nickname, after all, is El Monstruo).
The bodyguard/personal driver is ubiquitous.F.We emerge onto a rooftop garden, and there, almost close enough to touch, is the park; it seems bigger and wilder from this height, a dense blanket of green folded over a gray city.Directly across the plaza from Jumex, twisting in the air like a giant space-age Slinky, is Carlos Slims Museo Soumaya.(short for Distrito Federal, as Mexico Citys main tourist quarter is known) for the next few days.A store of nothing but baby Jesus nativity clothing.Used to be if you were a young chef with talent, you went abroad for your inspiration.See that area down there?Growing up, she says, if someone you knew visited the.S., youd ask them to bring you back some token of the culturea Michael Jackson tape, a Milky Way bar, anything!This city is built on a lake, says Sebastián, drawing his hands together into a little tipi.The main thoroughfare, Avenida Presidente Masaryk, is an endless procession of luxury retail: Porsche, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton.Foodie fashions are at the forefront, from vegetable stands selling heirloom prostitution in france 19th century corn to the mood-lit wine bar to the massive living wall in the patio.No one said anything about bees.They know what they want.

You see it everywhere in Polanco, the preferred address for Mexico Citys celebrities and business elite.
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