Morten Korsholm - lead guitar and backing vocals.
Dre 12, acid Queen - The Who 13, sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March - The Box Tops.
Sweet Georgia Brown Ben Bernie (1925).
I spent most of my holidays on Merseyside then, and a local girl gave me a bad publicity shot of them with their 2000 escort zx2 s/r names scrawled on the back.It was very thrilling, but also disconcerting.The Highway Hitcher Murder Blues.Many famous people have covered Sweet Georgia Brown (the lyrical hooker version) including Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles, and The Grateful Dead, but the Brother Bones instrumental used by the Globetrotters since 1952 to accompany their Magic Circle high jinx,.If you'd like to receive the Songfacts Newsletter, please enter the email you'd like it sent to below.Rhythmically a tango much different than the bands usual sound the song stood out and has gone on to become perhaps their most iconic.Salt-N-Pepa, given the prevalent use of the misogynistic bitch in rap music, and the fact that the female group Salt-N-Pepa were, as women, major pioneers in that industry, this anthem resonates with a special complexity.And he said, Yeah, give it a try.Crisis, band: Fussy Korsholm - vocals and rhythm guitar.To be honest, I've been waiting awhile for this debut album from the Danish band St.Everyone loves a good prostitute.It wasnt the first time anything like this had happened, but the Beatles achieved a level of fame and recognition known previously only to Charlie Chaplin, Brigitte Bardot and Elvis Presley, along with a little of the airless exclusivity of astronauts, former presidents and other." means I'm cuckold but satisfied!Roxanne The Police (1978 our list has taken us all over the world Los Angeles, New York, parts in between and beyond and we have resettled in Paris for our last entry.Time magazine critique that Day Tripper was about a prostitute and Norwegian Wood about a lesbian, McCartney responds, We were just trying to write songs about prostitutes and lesbians.Naturally, add your own favorites in the comments.How can the whistling and bones of the beloved pranksters of the hardwood be about a prostitute?Just a Gigolo Bing Crosby (1931).
Killer Queen Queen (1974 while some prostitutes walk the mean streets, others are high class, pampered and proper.

Though weve grown accustomed to David Lee Roths uptempo version, this classic goes all the way back to 1931 when it was made famous by Bing Crosby, Americas first pop star.
Shes a Killer Queen, gunpowder, Gelatine.