ricegum prank calling prostitutes

On October 13, 2016 (The same day GG got his home auctioned off) George thought this was the best day to file for bankruptcy even though he should have done it years ago if we go by the chicken scribble he has written down.
The similarities don't stop there.
George, being too much of a retard to edit out said copyright music, instead reuploaded the same episodes hoping would be as stupid as he was not to notice.
George is Getting Pwned By's Content ID edit In what can be described as sheer irony many of the videos that are on GG's channel have been permanently muted due to multiple content ID violations.I could tell he wasnt local, so I asked what he was doing in blonde whore fuck town.This will definitely cause GG to rage immensely.Good for you, he wrote.Amongst many simple mistakes George makes because he is mad.Every episode ends with a montage of GG taking an 18 inch dildo from multiple angles.During the call you will also learn that George owes thousands of dollars to random hookers in Richmond, admits that he still hasn't cleaned his fingernails, confirms his bankruptcy, contradicts himself, and overall projects his faggotry once again onto others.At one point, George claims to be reading fan mail which was clearly a stack of unpaid bills and collections letters.I'll let you guess as to what category George falls under.A couple days after that, a less friendly, more aggressive message.At last, he said, there was a state where not only were the bus drivers Jewish but even the prostitutes were Jewish.DON'T take MY house away from ME! .To go with that she also has the following accolades.D., George Mason University School of Law Cum private escorts geelong Laude; Associate Editor, Civil Rights Law Journal.S., Biology, Georgetown University Double concentration in neuroscience and biochemistry, molecular cellular biology; double minor in psychology and inter-arts Needless.It is also believed he got it by not anyone believing his empty threats he would send to people.
Ive thought of you often, most especially in recent weeks since the massacre.