rhode island prostitution

State officials hope the new law will help drive the brothels out of business, either because they voluntarily shut down or are targeted by police.
It's only sanctioned in a few counties in Nevada, but in RI it's legal everywhere, so long as there isn't public pandering (soliciting via street walking, for instance).
If they change the law, what are you gonna do?
Sunday's gathering was arranged by a local filmmaker who has researched RI's brothels, is sympathetic to the women who work in them, and is convinced that trafficking concerns are overblown.He declined to identify the hotel.The women were called by police who learned of them through advertisements for companions found in newspaper back pages and over the Internet, according to the interim police chief.Perhaps 40 brothel workers - managers and prostitutes - attended, sitting in a circle, mostly bedecked in jeans, sweatshirts, and sneakers, simple but clean and well-fitted.Holcomb and others have used this information to start outreach programs 1980 ford escort wagon that provide needle exchanges, free condoms and HIV testing and information concerning where individuals can receive further assistance.This was highlighted in testimony to the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary committee, given by lawyer Ann Jordan, director of the Program on Human Trafficking at American University's law school: "The bill erroneously assumes that arresting women who sell sex will somehow lead to more prosecutions.Providence Journal covers the genesis of the dynamic here.Key findings from the study that Rhode Island saw a large decrease in rapes and a large reduction in gonorrhea incidence for men and women post-2003 have been widely covered by national and regional news media.Our contribution to this literature is twofold, Shah and Cunningham wrote."Everybody found out last year she said.Many male prostitutes end up in jail, but those kinds of institutions often dont help male prostitutes who may need trauma counseling for sexual abuse and rape.For Shah and Cunningham, the incident served as a natural experiment, to explore the effect of decriminalizing indoor prostitution on the sex market, sexually transmitted infection, and the number of forcible female rape offenses.Holcomb works at Miriam Hospital as a prevention counselor and research assistant, and formerly worked at aids Care Ocean State.The women were arrested by police a short time later on Riverdale Street, otherwise known as Route.Judges would later rule the change had the effect of legalizing paid sex in private.".In trouble now." And, later, "All the person who come here, choice.
(The same goes for reporting of crimes committed by johns: For instance, the infamous Craiglist killer was reported by an escort he met in Rhode Island, who could report him without fear of prosecution.).