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This February, Amsterdam raised 1995 ford escort gt hatchback the minimum age for prostitutes from 18.It was a jayden lee escort poor time for everybody, says Louise.Given their experience, they do offer an interesting look at modern shifts in the "world's oldest profession." They believe the "golden years" of prostitution in Amsterdam came long before its legalization in 2000, a development Martine said " has not improved prostitutes' lives." meet the.When prostitution became legal soon after, life as a sex worker further deteriorated because the government began taking some of their earnings.No, nay, never she says.When we were in widows we wore sexy clothesLouise Fokkens.I am and always have been a proud Christian, who as a little girl dreamed of preaching to a congregation like my Grandfather once did.I learned I'm a lot more than someone else's entertainment.I found myself defending a lifestyle I didn't even belong to anymore.What exactly is the point of this long winded soliloquy?The brothels look like the inside of a hospital, she gripes, with her thick Dutch accent.
The sex workers in Amsterdam today have no class, claim the Fokkens Credit: getty.