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Jane?" ( g ) New Reno prostitute: "915Oh, hello,.
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Main article: Fallout 2 cultural references These characters have some of the most concentrated amount of cultural references in Fallout.I'm just not very good." "I'd rather be with Avellone." "Yes, they ARE real, and NO, you can't check them." "I guarantee I'm better than that Pip Boy attachment you've been using." "Forget the slot machines, my payoff is much better." "You ain't.Especially if the largest post-apocalyptic state, the.Speaks to the Lucifer Circle on the theme of Prostitution.Inventory Edit They are one of the most comical characters in Fallout 2 and (perhaps) in the entire series, having more than 1000 floating lines for all occasions.Within the game, they provide comic relief with over 2800 lines dialogue that is often snarky, sarcastic, and breaks the fourth wall.9 4 10 Full Metal Jacket If the Chosen One has no reputation, is a slaver, or with Sulik they will occasionally comment "Me so horny." 11 This is an allusion to the hooker scene in Full Metal Jacket.Joe Team from the.I.Let me get." "Mmmm-mmmm."Normal""s edit edit source "My name's Easy.They also react to the player wearing any variety of power armor, destroying the Enclave, and various members of the player's party.Yeah, he's one of my regulars." "Tell me everything about your fight with the Enclave." Appearances Edit The New Reno prostitutes only appear in Fallout.For about five seconds." "I need help getting out of this dress." "I wish Gen Con took place in some other place." "You got the craving, I got the saving." "Still don't know why they call it Virgin Street." "Looking for Eden?He student escort university of dayton used to cook wonderful bread.Craigslist fournit petites annonces locales et forums demploi, de logement, de rencontre, de vente, de services, de communauté et dévénements.Prove." "Where's the fire, slaver-girl?" Porn Star"s Edit Male"s Edit "Getting.I'm looking for my lost virginity." "Wanna pretend we're deathclaws in mating season?" "I'm a virgin.1 Fallout They will reference escort cosworth spare parts the Vault Dweller in dialogue, claiming that "for the last time, they don't want to dress up as the 'Vault Dweller.He's a real jerk.They will mention some of Interplay 's workers (who worked on Fallout 2).References New Reno prostitute: "343AC-DC, B n' D, whatever." ( g ) New Reno prostitute: "1002Look, for the last time, I don't want to dress up as the "Vault Dweller." ( g ) New Reno prostitute : "203I loved you in Great Balls for Hire.".
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