British Transport police AFOs carry: Belfast Harbour Police edit Like the psni, Belfast Harbour Police officers are issued the Glock 17 pistol.
At this point, Anna revealed that her father had given her a pendant, which Wesker took and used the pendant as a key to the safe.
Hardsextube 1:23 Indian Bhabhi in saree Xhamster 1:25 Local matured Indian.For the next three years, Chris refused to believe that Jill died and put himself into every mission available with the hopes of finding some kind of lead to Jill's whereabouts.When the base began to crumble, Chris chased after Wesker who had took Claire hostage.A strain of the t-Virus engulfed the island as it's security forces defended an invasion from HCF, a paramilitary unit under the command of Albert Wesker.As Jake and Sherry made their escape, Chris and Piers remained behind to destroy haos.With this, Chris may very well be the deadliest knife fighter in the series.IGN article Resident Evil 6 (2012 file: " Chris and Albert " Resident Evil 6 (2012 scene: " Chris Chapter 2 ".0.1 Resident Evil 6 (2012 file: " Chris' Amnesia " Resident Evil 6 (2012 scene: " Fallen Hero " Resident Evil.During their time.T.A.R.S., Chris developed great respect for the team's leader, Albert Wesker, who also considered Chris to be his best team member.Immediately, he law and order prostitute met Rodrigo Juan Raval, a security guard who freed Claire from her cell earlier during the chaos.A b "Firearms used by British Transport Police - Freedom of Information Request 794-14" (PDF).As Piers and Merah went to annihilate the zombies, Chris found the only survivors; Doug and his nephew Ricky Tozawa.As a last resort, Leon used the Ducati in an attempt to finish off Ariego but that merely slowed it down and the creature still lived but, lucky for everyone, Chris appeared at the nick of time and shot a grenade at the creature's heart.However, just as she told them this, one of Simmons' henchmen arrived in a helicopter and promptly shot her in the chest, causing her to fall to her death.Forest Speyer, the sharpshooter of the Bravo Team, was once a great friend (and rival) of Chris, until the Mansion Incident, where Forest was brutally killed and turned into a zombie.In Resident Evil 5, proper, Chris initially shows a cold acceptance toward most of the grisly circumstances presented in the mission and shows little concern for its location or who he'll be working with.Glenn Arias and the New York Outbreak Edit Chris ordering his men to enter Glenn's mansion.
Sheva has doubts about his "personal stake" in the mission, but later appreciates how much he cares for his old partner.
The following morning, Chris was rescued by the bsaa.