The issue of violence against women must be dealt with and taken seriously by law enforcement, prosecution and on a governmental level.
I have noted the 2,000 character limit.Even with protection laws they are still highly exposed to physical violence, health hazards and mental trauma.Secondly and more importantly it will dramatically decrease the number of rapes and other sexual offences in the country.This emboldens pimps, brothel owners and johns who are legitimated and empowered.Privacy Policy for more information about our use of data, your rights, and how to withdraw consent.You should think whether elevating the sex workers of any society is beneficial for them and for society or is keeping prostitution illegal and let it function in hideouts and inhumane areas better for the society?While legalizing prostitution may decrease the number of girls who are directly forced into commercial sex but there will still remain a majority of females who are forced to take this profession due to their consequences and not their consent.Violence : is a term that can mean physical harm, but is often used more broadly by abolitionists to describe the abuse of a pre-existing power imbalance, the result of which is harm to a specific person or a group of people as a whole.Next Section: Prostitution Research.We use the term "women and children" in some places, not to infantilize women but rather to acknowledge that many women in prostitution started as a minors and that the grooming for prostitution happens in youth.John, trick, date, sexual predator : are all terms used for a man who preys on women's and children's vulnerability and offers them money in exchange for his sexual pleasure.Legalization and full decriminalization like a whores draws are illusions of safety for prostituted women, who experience physical, sexual, and psychological violence both indoors and outdoors.There have been many researches that have discovered that decriminalizing prostitution leads to an average of 25 decrease in the rate of rapes.While there are many advantages along with some disadvantages in legalizing prostitution but there is absolutely no benefit in keeping it illegal.It has been discovered as the worlds oldest profession and if we look carefully the situation of prostitutes in Bronze and Iron-age was far better than their current situation under Democracy.
Decriminalization : refers to the removal of laws surrounding prostitution.