We cannot make a difference between a prostitute and a lawful wife kept by her husband, whoever her husband is even if he is a commissar.
To struggle against prostitution chiefly means to escort police scam struggle against these conditions in other words, it means to support the general policy of the Soviet government which is directed towards strengthening the basis of communism and the organisation of production.It is not only necessary to take practical measures to fight the situation and the circumstances that nourish prostitution and to solve the problems of housing and loneliness etc., but also to help the working class to establish its morality alongside its dictatorship.Down with the unproductive labour of housework and child-minding!The bourgeois family abandons the girl who has sinned and she alone, without support and branded by the scorn of society sees prostitution as the only way out.The prostitute guaranteed that the daughters of the respectable citizens remained chaste and their wives faithful, since single men could (for a consideration) turn to the members of the guild for comfort.Free relationships develop between the soldiers and the women.Under communism, prostitution and the contemporary family will disappear.These relationships have nothing to do with prostitution: the woman goes with the man voluntarily because she is attracted to him, and there is no thought on her part of material gain.Private lehigh valley escorts property has been abolished and all citizens of the republic are obliged to work.Dont touch the family, dont try to change the family!Prostitution will he finally eliminated when the basis of communism is strengthened.The family was an independent and enclosed collective.Bourgeois science and its academics love to prove to the world, that prostitution is a pathological phenomenon,.e.
Exchanging sexual services for money) as a matter of private morality and so not subject to criminal law, although it criminalized most associated activities (such as loitering, soliciting and brothel-keeping).