prostitution information center amsterdam

We all dutifully poked our heads in, as if looking at some exotic animal on display.
Mariska Majoor Founder of the Prostitution Information Center - PIC.
6 The Wallenwinkel specialises in unique red light district souvenirs and other articles related to Amsterdams finding prostitutes on facebook famous district.
1, the PIC serves as an educational centre and resource for providing Amsterdams visitors with information and advice about prostitution.The young man from Morocco bought a T-shirt from the gift shop rack next to the condoms, fridge magnets, and other souvenirs, we finished our drinks and filed out again.Dutch people like contrasting human activities, diverse ways of life, and the architecture which serves them.The center was meant for everyone, she explained, the girls themselves, their clients, the public, or anyone with questions.And all the while, we were regaled with lurid, scintillating tales of the districts famous madams and ward the end of our tour, we made our way to a nondescript little building, just steps away from window women.Twenty minutes quickly passed and our visit was over.Prostitution is not bad; its only bad if done against budapest escort agency ones will.The Prostitution Information Centre pIC, Dutch : Prostitutie Informatie Centrum ) is located in the heart.1 It receives no government subsidies and has only survived over the years with great difficulty.Study groups are also welcome.The average time spent in this occupation is about seven brothels near windsor nsw years and most of the girls range in age from 18.Around the Old Church, the big, old.1, visitors to the PIC can also find books about the red light district and sex works written in both Dutch and English.
Though prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about it, and there are dangers for the girls.
Mariskas father, who is an artist, has paintings and drawings of prostitutes for sale and has created a 2-meter high caricature of a prostitute, with a cutaway face, so you can stand behind it and be photographed as "woman of the evening." A nice souvenir.