Most of the cash they earn is from selling handmade clothing to the tourists but this is not enough to be able to start a business.
How to avoid : Go with recommendations on our restaurants page.
If you do not wish to bargain, then head to the formal shopping malls or government owned shops (e.g.
For this scam, some guy approaches you out of nowhere and applies glue to your shoes.The Vietnamese know how to leverage and control the activities that would help the minorities be self-supporting.Rule of thumb: Never trust an overly friendly stranger who approaches you on the street, especially one who can speak good English.However, do keep most of your valuables and passport in the hotel safe.Rule young prostitutes in thailand of thumb: Stay at reputable ones.Homestay IN sapa IS becominipoff - read below AND learn!Rule of thumb: Check your restaurant bill carefully.Have a great Vietnam Tour!After that, they will politely ask for all the fees (usually 10,000-15,000 VND/photo) along with tourists address, and promise to deliver the photos to tourists in 2-3 days.The either steal it stealthily, or do a distract and grab.The questions seems to be very hard as Tuyen was not experienced at that moment and the teachers at the university had never taught him how to answer that question.If tourists agree with the deal, they will take photos, but often doubles or even triples the number that tourists required before with a reason :your pose are so amazing that I cannot stop taking photos.
Regardless of the situation, you will lose.

Then the answer is:.