Men show off their masculinity by eating as many as possible (any fewer than 10 is suspiciously effete).
But while Georgians drink a fair amount of beer, theyll rarely toast with.
The places they hang out (often the bars mentioned above) are often safe(r) spaces for those who, for whatever reason, dont fit the Georgian norm.A friend of mine once tried prostitution phuket town to signify that she was full by pointing at her stomach, and the elderly proprietress of her guesthouse forcibly removed her shirt and bra and gave her an hour-long breast massage, watching the clock the whole while to make.You can stock up on jewelry from Dagestan, pewter cups from Russia, erotic postcards, Soviet gas masks and medals, fur hats, antiques both imitation and real, and mangy (and probably illegal) tiger skins.No doesnt always mean.I frequently travel alone and with men in Georgia, both within and outside Tbilisi, but Im more cautious than I would be elsewhere about the cultural signals Im sending.Fish fried in pomegranate sauce with dill; lamb marinated in sour plum sauce and cooked on the grill; salads of fresh local jonjoli flowers and other new-picked herbs; and tarragon stews called chakapuli are all on offer, if you know where to look.And, if youre worrying about plotting the revolution, you may need to inform someone that (he said that it is also for those who are like the ones that need to be once more counter-revolutionized).Many men take this opportunity for some alone time with local prostitutes (it took a few years for me to realize that the pink-painted Hotel Lady above the bathhouses wasnt in fact a bed and breakfast although the generally geriatric masseuses affiliated with the bathhouse.If you can slip a few liter bottles of either wine or chacha, the Georgian grappa, into your suitcase, you will become a hero to your friends back home, at a very low cost.Bathhouses are not just for bathing.Head to Svetiskhoveli Cathedral, near Jvari Monastery, in the small city of Mtskheta.If youre trying to speak Georgian, be mindful that minor pronunciation mistakes may make you unintelligible: six years since first coming to Georgia, I still get blank looks for waiters when I ask for rdze (milk) to accompany my coffee.(Try Phaetoni, on the Digomi road just outside town, or drop hints to Georgian friends until youre invited to a home-cooked meal.) For an inventive, modern take on traditional Georgian food, head to chef Tekuna Gachechiladzes celebrated Café Littèra in the old Soviet writers house.The 4th-century Narikala Fortress dominates the skyline above Tbilisi.Youll be expected to eat everything (in abundance) and, more importantly, to down your glass repeatedly.This will set off a chain reaction of rapid average time from first date to sex phone calls and texts that, in some cases, will get you all the way to the President or Prime Minister himself.During any dinner-party, the tamada or toastmasterwill propose a quasi-formal series of toasts: to guests, to Georgia itself, to women, to men, to the Virgin Mary and.Georgia may not have a sophisticated rap scene, but everybodys heard of Bera, the albino rapper-slash-professional bodybuilder.