" And Churchill wrote back, ".
It was Drake's biggest plunder: it took his crew four days to transfer the cargo from the Cacafuego.
I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new independent indian escorts uk play; bring a friend.Analysis : Actually bescumber is just one of many words in the English language that basically mean to spray with poo.It's a medical emergency caused by the obstruction of the bowel ( source ).In all, Drake got 80 pounds of gold, 26 tons of silver, 13 cases of silver coins, jewels, and more.Analysis : Good ol' fat is a reliable insult word.Oh, and if you want to say poo without looking like you're saying it, you can use ordure, dejection, and excreta.similar : proctalgia, proctodynia, pygalgia and rectalgia all mean pain in the butt.Analysis : Hircismus comes from the root word " hircus " which means goat in Latin.Alternative : As we've mentioned, armpit is an untapped goldmine for insults.Youre not to blame for your failures.« previous post next post hate speech laws, in my opinion, are in general offensive and counterproductive, but the.Analysis : Cacafuego literally means "shit fire" in Spanish.Alternative : Fart is another one of those goldmines of insults.For example: some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go says Oscar Wilde.One early theory traces it to Corlear's Hook, a section of New York City.