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29 Planned Parenthood began to advocate abortion law reform beginning in 1955, when the organization's medical director, Mary Calderone, convened a national conference of medical professionals on the issue.
New York Daily News.
Retrieved November 27, 2015.University of Illinois Press, isbn Sara Weydner.121 124 Before the.S.Toward that end, as a statewide affiliate, Planned Parenthood of Illinois will: Increase access to high quality reproductive health care services in under-served communities across the state; Build a strong administrative infrastructure that focuses on streamlining patient delivery systems, expanding educational programs, and enhancing our.68 Nixon described Title X funding as based on the premise that "no American woman should be denied access to family planning assistance because of her economic condition".Rockefeller III, Katharine Hepburn, Jane Fonda, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Turner.The conference was the first instance of physicians and other professionals advocating reform of the laws which criminalized abortion, and it played a key role in creating a movement for the reform of abortion laws in the United States."Conservatives Step Up Attacks On Public Funding For Birth Control"."Pushing Foundations To Give Everything They Have".Man charged with driving into Planned Parenthood facility." (January 23, 2009)."Doctor Killed During Abortion Protest".Richards, says, not terminating them.No more baby parts suspect in attack at Colo.Stuart, Hunter (April 29, 2013).Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Guyana, Cape Verde and Samoa.A b Kathryn Cullen-DuPont (August 1, 2000)."Planned Parenthood firebombed, right brothel in belgium wing silent".Retrieved December 22, 2010.The 57-year-old gunman, 186 Robert Dear, surrendered to police and was taken into custody.122 123 In the 2014 election cycle, Planned Parenthood spent US6,587,100 on contributions to candidates and political parties (overwhelmingly to Democrats) and on independent expenditures.American Coalition of Life Activists".

3 The largest facility, a US26 million, 78,000-square-foot (7,200-square-metre) structure, was completed in Houston, Texas, in May 2010.
CMP continues to allege that the videos provide evidence that abortion providers profit from the sale of donated tissue.
Conservative politicians in several states have also used this as an opportunity to cut or attempt to cut family planning funding at the state level.