Belle was so famous that her security escort duties death warranted an obituary in Time Magazine - that she is said to have been the model for Belle Watling in the classic novel, Gone with the Wind.
The guide says 'it is difficult to do justice to such a celebrated whore.
Ellen Andree, also of the Palais Royal Theatre. .
Prostitutes performing at a teahouse in Beijing.All of these women featured in an 1883 booklet entitled Pretty Women Of Paris, which served as a guide to the city's prostitutes for visiting English gentlemen.Sai Jinhua lived in Europe for three years.The handbook - which was aimed at visiting English gentlemen in Paris - meticulously described the sexual specialities and background of every prostitute.The collection also includes British-born Cora Pearl, who was based at 6 Rue Christophe Colomb and is described in the handbook as being 'One of the most celebrated whores of her time'.Sai Jinhua was expelled from Beijing, and therefore banished to her hometown.Cai met Xiao in Beijing.Mattie was so successful that she netted 38,000 (the equivalent of 1 million today) running a bordello for three months in Dawson City, Alaska.Sai Jinhua was placed in prison due to the charge.Right is Delphine Delizy, who 'is thirty-eight, but we are duty bound to state that she is still of very appetising aspect.Mattie Silks, pictured, made the equivalent of 1 million over the period of three months in Dawson City in Alaska.When Napoleon become Emperor in 1804, he ordered the registration and fortnightly health inspection of all sex workers in France.During this time, she fell crewe prostitutes in love with a handsome, silver-tongued man named Jack McKnight.Pretty Women Of Paris was published in 1883 giving visiting English gentlemen a guide to Parisian prostitutes.Under Napoleon, prostitution became legal in France and the booklet arranges the various courtesans in Paris by district for ease for the potential customer.
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