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Notwithstanding this small point, I agree with Chomsky's conclusions.
200 million dollars could pay for vitamin A supplements for a year for all the 190 million children that need them, world wide, which would save the lives of 600,000 children, more or less.( Activist mocks Sarkozy, gets criminal conviction ) An activist mocked Sarkozy for an insult the latter had said to someone, and received a criminal conviction for.( Falsely accused chef imprisoned in Guantanamo tampa prostitution mugshots for 5 years ) Chef Ahmed Errachidi was imprisoned in Guantanamo for 5 years and tortured, because the US did not bother to check the accusations against him.Her main triumph was her defeat of British workers the British public.That absurd claim is one of the many lies that the legal system uses to smear people.Likewise, Portugal, Greece or Spain could leave the euro zone and continue using euros.The Progressive Caucus's Balancing Act does a large part of this.(And share copies, too, but that's a different point.) ( Bush Forces ) A book of photographs and testimonies of soldiers in the Bush forces that came to condemn the mission they were sent.This appears to be an attempt to reimpose oppressive 1950s prudery.However, the US should entirely reject the idea of reducing the deficit now.As for the pretense that the abuse of medical patents is "necessary" for the sake of research, we already know this is bogus.Palestinians have recognized that such negotiations are harmful since they only give Israel cover for colonization.