My overall point is dont let Twitter, Facebook or Photoshop fool you. .
Anthony Michael, TMZ's senior news producer, tweeted an exclusive photo of Sapp's mugshot: ABC 15 in Arizona confirmed the news and provided additional details surrounding Sapp's arrest: ABC15 confirmed with Phoenix police that Sapp was arrested on one count of solicitation of a prostitute and.Exclusive 2:15 PM PT - The NFL Network has fired Sapp.Warren Sapp was arrested in Phoenix this morning for soliciting a prostitute around 7AM.He was not attracted to her but crewe prostitutes she was already was there, so he f* her once, didnt even let her spend the night, and didnt call her.I have no allegiances to Kyrie Irving or to Jessica Jackson aka Miss Hawaii, but because Miss Jackson recently decided to threaten me via her twitter account I think it is time that the full story comes out.Now, the three SMU players werent facing any trouble for getting robbed obviously, but because of who robbed them, they could be looking at charges.Similar to Kyrie (more on him later) Miss Jackson goes on to harass and stalk Ebanks via twitter, text messages and phone calls to the point of faking a pregnancy, you can see the exchanges below.Unfortunately for her, she has one thing wrong, I do know the whole story and I think it is time you knew the story as well.I dont take sides I just report the information that is given to me and try to give intelligent opinions on the subject matter.She is a psycho.Yahner says the women contacted police officers to report the assault.Jessica Gaynell Jackson is 24 years old and shockingly (sarcasm) isnt from Hawaii, never been to Hawaii or has any Hawaiian in her, she is from the Bronx and lives in Parkside Public Housing.She found him on Facebook (she can only get men online cause she takes ok pictures and focuses on her breasts, she uses a lot of Mac makeup, and switches her wigs in every picture.12:21 PM PT, the NFL Network has removed Sapp's bio from the official "On-Air Talent" section of the website.To be fair to Miss Jackson I have confirmed that Kyrie who is young and doesnt know any better probably did and said some things in retrospect that he wish he could take back. .