A: Bull penis soup 25 of Americans believe what fictional character is real? .
In 1926 why did Japan delete 800,000 feet from US films? .
A :A zonkey Which Great Lake state has more shoreline than the entire.S.A: A footman who walked behind the Master What do callipygian people have? .A: Martin Luther In Papua New Guinea, what is the leading cause of death? .What safety device did cars built in Bennington have in the 1920s? .According to doctors people with what kind of pets fall asleep the easiest? .A: A nuclear bomb.A: To pick noses efficiently Zaire diverted roads to avoid disturbing communities of what?Ozzy osbourne once BIT THE head ofive squirrelduring ONE OF itaewon escort HIS concerts.A: Buttons In Tennessee it is illegal to drive if you are what? .Name the kind of professional most often late for doctors appointments? .A fish What do all lottery winners do?
A: Landlord In Schulter Oklahoma, nude women are not allowed to do what? .
Here is a list of 100 funny trivia questions and answers.

To prevent the living being recognized by the dead What is the official name of Libya?