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Heres a rapid response from Opera Erfurt in Germany.
'I can't argue against.'.
(Cambridge companions to music). .O Isis Und Osiris.University of California Press, 1992. .Magic flutes enchanted forests: the supernatural in eighteenth-century musical theater. .Carl Dahlhaus, Mary Whittall.Sussex Academic Press, 2002. .Cambridge University Press, 2005. .Carl Maria von Weber and the search for a German opera. .University of Chicago Press, 2008. .In Diesen Heil'gen Hallen.Die Weisheitslehre dieser Knaben.Cambridge University Press, 1991. .O Zitt're Nicht, Mein Lieber Sohn!As it happens, the libretto for 'Seraglio' also has a dark side, although it is usually overlooked: The Pasha threatens torture if Konstanze does not return his love, and Osmin anticipates the fate of those who challenge him: 'First beheaded, then hanged, then impaled.Der, Welcher Wandelt Diese Strausse Voll Beschwerden.Homoki said a Berlin prostitutes' association was consulted, and some of its members attended rehearsals and offered suggestions, including one for the horrific scene in which morzine prostitutes Osmin murders a woman and cuts off her nipple.

Homoki said, 'but the prostitutes said it would be more realistic to cut off a nipple.' (One recent evening, this scene prompted several walkouts.).