In fact Josephus says that they placed them against the gate on the East.
The holy place, therefore, does not here signify the temple, or the holy of holies, for it would have been too late to flee after that had been profaned, but a definite place without and near the Holy City; in short, that very place which.11:1- note ) it must therefore have been standing in John's day, this is not necessarily so: Regarding Preterist assertion that this is Herod's temple, to be destroyed in.D., there are at least two problems with this view.And how they will surmount the problem of rebuilding a Temple on the place now occupied by an Arab holy place is anyone's guess.As discussed in these notes, the Jews have experienced far worse tribulation under Adolph Hitler than they did under the Roman general prostitution spokane washington Titus!In Mt 24:26 eremos is translated wilderness, which is the most frequent way it is translated in the.However, attempts to find fulfillment of the book of Revelation, not to mention all the other related prophetic themes, in the events of the destruction of Jerusalem.D.As discussed below, the abomination that Jesus describes appears to refer to an idol (an image to be worshipped) which is set up in the Temple (cp Rev 13:14-15- note ).In the Old Testament, the term abomination denoted idolatry or sacrilege (Dt.These two chapters contain solemn things.While there are many interpretations of the identity of the abomination of desolation (including Pilate, Caligula, Hadrian, etc) there really only 3 main interpretations, and remember only one can be the correct interpretation.Just as Jesus literally meant what He said, so too these time phrases are to be interpreted literally.Just as it is best to read road signs " literally so too it is best to read Jesus' sign in Mt 24:15 literally (and in context) lest one ends up "dazed and confused" in Matthew 24!This latter view is the prevalent interpretation in the highest ranked commentaries on Matthew, but if one adheres to this interpretation it is difficult to rationalize several key facts in Jesus' discourse, especially if those facts are taken at face value.Schaff writes Jerusalem was 'the holy city' (Mt 4:5).That therefore his opinion was, that if they aimed at quickness, joined with security, they must build a wall round about the whole city.It denotes anything in which estrangement from God manifests itself; as the eating of unclean beasts, Lev 11:11;.First notice that he says standing nit the holy place is the same sign as when Jerusalem is surrounded by armies!