We broke down her weekly fee into a nightly cost which ends up being brothels near windsor nsw close to 6,500, a number many people don't make in a month.
One example is a prostitute who was thrown out of a window for budapest escort agency daring to write a memoir of her job.
Pretty woman: The blonde madam, pictured with actor Mickey Rourke, revealed her clients include well known celebrities and public figures.Prosecutors have recommended she be fined 20,000 and given six months of home confinement.The great news for the others is that the lowest pay during the festivities is around 4,000 a night, which still makes for a pretty luxuriant bank account.From the photo you can see that it's pretty obvious how Loredana spends her money.Prostitute, loredana claims she was only paid 15,000 at one time from all of the men she was with.In fact, the amount that was leaked later was that he had paid over 80,000 in "companions" since he was appointed Attorney General and later the governor of New York.Looking for an, aD free experience on TheRichest?Lucrative: Braun (right) with actor Terrence Howard, is estimated to have made more than 5m from running the prostitution ring.The costs we have listed are the most recent available at the time of publishing and not all women have one night charges, as you'll see.Loredana is another.The fees dwarfed those of Fleiss, whose girls made up to 7,000 a night.Sometimes these types of enhancements actually detract from the beautiful woman that was naturally there.The most expensive call girls in the world: Hollywood madam admits supplying 30k-a-night prostitutes to celebrities.There is no suggestion Mr Rourke has any connection with the allegations against Braun.For purposes of comparison, we tallied what a nightly rate might be at 2,000 for 8 hours.
She was actually busted on more serious charges of money laundering for a prostitution ring.

1 Cannes Film Festival Favorites: 40,000/Night.
Before long, she was charging 45,000 per week and making enough money to handle the cost of her father's surgery.