We all know the result of the inexperienced driver plus fast car equation.
Its running a set of properly retro 13 Minilite wheels with Advan slicks for that how to get a prostitute in new york city perfect meaty sidewall look.When it comes to a first set of wheels, Id say its hard to ask for anything better.For someone who lives and breathes cars more specifically European Fords and rally racing then this Escort might be the perfect automobile to put your teenage son.Norways Bjorn Viko is a huge rally enthusiast whose collection includes an ex-works Ford RS200 (more on that soon and when it came to providing a vehicle for his son Ole, he knew that the beloved Mk1 Escort was the perfect choice.For the most part, all of the Escorts original equipment has remained in place, with only the truly necessary bits updated and modified.I also like the fact that theres a classic style three-spoke dished steering wheel rather than a modern design.But for someone who genuinely loves cars, it actually makes perfect sense.17-year old Ole actually hasnt even got his drivers license yet, but he already has his first car.If your average parent looked at this Escort as a candidate for their kids first car, they would either laugh or shiver in fear.Choose country: Choose brand: Classic Cars ford / Car for sale, technical specifications, photos and description: Comments and questions to the seller: Name, e-mail.Hauptinhalt anzeigen shop-Suche, geben Sie Ihren Suchbegriff ein in Artikelbezeichnung und Beschreibung, shop-Kategorien.Exterior, carbon fiber bumpers front and rear, fender flares, chin spoiler.That last thing you want is your teenage kid driving something with tire-smoking power and enough speed to quickly get into trouble.Sometimes its handing down the former family car, and other times it means heading out and finding an affordable and sensible used car.Starting out right, wheel and tire set-up is crucial on a car like this, and Oles Escort doesnt disappoint in this department.To handle the horsepower that the sweet revving OHC four is putting out, the drivetrain has been upgraded with a banjo differential assembly and a Quaife LSD.Text, antispam code: (enter the number other classic Ford cars offered via internet auctions: Latest arrivals: 1969 Ford Bronco 9, uS 20,350.00 1967 Ford Galaxie 7 litre sport package 6 27,500.00 1979 Ford F,500.00, ford: Mustang.There are other little details like carbon fiber bumpers, but the car is largely pure and original just as youd want your first car.Some enthusiasts might approach this dilemma just as a normal parent would, but more often than not, youd like to inject some of your own automotive enthusiasm into your kids first car.Lets not forget the brakes either, which have been upgraded to a set of discs from a newer model Ford Sierra.
This car keeps true to its working class roots with a lightly modified.1 liter OHC four cylinder.
First love, but what happens if youre a die-hard car enthusiast and your kid is reaching driving age?