Scroll down for video, open book: Nick Cannon, 36, stopped by The Cruz Show on Power 106 to talk about his new baby and baby mama, and his family's reaction to the news 'The new baby, was it an "oops baby?
Avery (pictured before the operation) explained how the dent in her chin was affecting her life.
Surgeons managed to get rid of the indentation by 'taking off the bottom part' and reshaping her chin.However, it was the facial surgery that left her with the dent in her chin.The multi-talented 36-year-old admitted he's always wanted more children, and that this new child was definitely not an accident.And when it comes to his twins, it seems revealing the news to them was even easier.'It's probably about 90 per cent better, that depression, that flat pancake.'.prodded the morning show's host, J Cruz.Avery (pictured before the botched surgery) described how she originally decided to have cosmetic surgery after falling love with Mariah.In the end, the impersonator pirate prostitute costume actually came away with significantly better results than anticipated.All about the kids: Cannon reveals that his twins, Monroe and Moroccan, are excited about their new baby brother 'The kids are super excited the proud father shared, explaining he spoke to them after the two had watched the movie Sporks, which is an animated.Appearing on the show, Avery explained how she fell in love with Mariah after being bullied at school, describing how the singer's songs had helped her through the difficult time.Following an operation to fix the chin, doctors said they had managed to achieve a 90 per cent improvement - leaving Avery delighted.
After starting her impersonation act, she decided to have breast implants and silicone work in face.
She explained on the E!