"The women were only ordered to do this on their arrival and if they refused, they were threatened with violence and threats made against their families and children back in Bulgaria the police spokesman added.
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The operation has been ongoing for some time after one of the women was able to escape and contacted police.
The age has gone down a lot.National Police have arrested 34 people suspected to have been involved in the operation, 26 in Spain and eight in Bulgaria.Its a way to party, thats how I see.And sometimes the boys go alone.If thats what the young men are demanding then, as a consequence, there will be more women who are obliged to prostitute themselves, she argues.Of the 34 people arrested, 26 were caught in Spain and the rest in Bulgaria.We try to explain why they are victims and that they are contributing if they go to these clubs.A police dog searches one of the raided homes (Image: Policia National).There is a scantily clad girl, usually smiley, who orders them a drink.They are boys who may end up understanding sex from the intercourse-centric point of view, meaning that sex is all about their pleasure quick and without a second thought about their partner.A patrol car guarding the entrance of the sprawling Paradise brothel in La Jonquera.