liquor and whores

A chart from the eXile : "18 Ways to Hate Your Neighbour: Europe's Lesson To The World".
English Welsh Irish Scottish how to get a prostitute in uk English SDD smelly stupid drunk bloodthirsty poor monkeys bloodthirsty drunk cheap tippers Welsh bloodthirsty perverted all men homosexuals untrustworthy smelly drunk bloodthirsty drunk bloodthirsty Irish bloodthirsty perverted untrustworthy SDD collaborators cheap tippers Scottish bloodthirsty untrustworthy SDD smelly stupid drunk poor English.Peace-loving too trusting kill!Croatia Greece Albania Serbia Slovenia Rumania Bulgaria Macedonia Bosnia/Muslim Croatia NRE NRE thieves prostitution should not be legal essay NRE Neanderthals cheap tippers NRE NRE NRE NRE Greece monkeys Turks monkeys monkeys in suits Gypsy monkeys Turks not really Macedonian Turks Albania kill!Central Europe.about this european tribe, w H, a T,.I, n K,.Monkeys poor SDD bloodthirsty NRE chtl shitty food Moldova hard-currency Johns black escorts wales hard-currency Johns hard-currency Johns hard-currency Johns hard-currency Johns hard-currency Johns Russia thieves backstabbers collaborators chtl backstabbers collaborators chtl Consider us European witches thieves poor stupid lazy smelly chtl thieves poor Smell like garlic.Finland Sweden Norway Denmark Estonia Latvia Lithuania Finland backstabbers chtl pederasts stupid chtl cowards pederasts cheap booze cheap booze cheap booze Sweden NRE monkeys stupid cheap booze cheap booze cheap booze cheap booze Norway NRE Neanderthals backstabbers collaborators chtl pederasts cheap booze cheap booze cheap.Portugal, italy, switzerland, holland, germany backstabbers, sDD collaborators cheap tippers smelly pederasts, neanderthal SDD thieves lazy see Spain SDD thieves pederasts failed Germans collaborators failed Germans backstabbers shitty food France repressed bloodthirsty shitty food fat stupid SDD pederasts SDD thieves stupid shitty food see Spain.Germany, france, belgium, spain.Serbia collaborators cowards thieves NRE monkeys backstabbers SDD smelly tattletales repressed collaborators SDD poor thieves poor lazy smelly stupid SDD not really Macedonian not really Bosnian Slovenia NRE NRE thieves NRE bloodthirsty monkeys NRE NRE NRE NRE Rumania pretty shoes pretty shoes thieves pretty shoes.Poland Czech ovakia Hungary Ukraine Moldova Russia Poland cowards collaborators repressed poor SDD_NRE NRE poor lazy chtl monkeys NRE poor chtl Czech Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys Monkeys ovakia thieves repressed cowards collaborators backstabbers NRE thieves backstabbers NRE poor lazy monkeys NRE chtl Hungary thieves.I S, e U, r O, p E, a N, t R,.'Fact checking' website, snopes on verge of collapse after founder is accused of fraud, lies, and putting prostitutes and his honeymoon on expenses (and it hasn't told its readers those facts).'Las, poor heart, He talks against himself.'He knew what the rich people want Shrivastava said.
'However, they also had to pay for the room at a substantially higher price than the market value.
'He knew as much as any head in an international corporation can know of everything that's going on recalled Milne, who as chief bodyguard was a member of Rajneesh's inner circle.