Guddi's face is on the cover.
Entering the brothels initially under the guise of an aid worker, she shot images discreetly from the back of vehicles, the roofs of buildings and under her scarf.
The story of Kasa is a sad one.
It was morocco prostitution guide pitch black as I stumbled through the labyrinth of the dark corridors of a large brothel house in Kamathipura, Mumbai's notorious red-light district.Every woman I've met has been trafficked or born there Ms Thompson said.If my real mother was alive, l would not have dared to move to the streets because life here is tough especially for young girls.Eventually, guided by my Indian fixer, I came to a dimly lit door at the end of a corridor.Sex slavery in, india has deep links with Britain's history: the system was originally set up by the British military.I met a woman in the brothel, she worked in a garment factory before.Girls often come from poverty and are usually victims of trafficking.That tale, and others, different but just as brutal, became the basis of the book.This is as a result of broken families, poverty, drug abuse and substance, peer pressure and school dropouts.She thinks she is 17 years but does not know her exact age.She ran away from home at 10 and a man picked her off the street and sold her into a brothel.We, therefore, arrange for counseling services and other forms of treatment to bring them back to normal life.She was raped by a customer and spent the next three months in hospital.I was returning to Kamathipura 11 years after my first visit ostensibly as an aid worker with the charity Jubilee Campaign.Our organization is working with different stakeholders where 60 percent of the people we support are girls."These girls who have been trafficked can't return to their families because of the stigma and yet it is often they who are responsible for them being in Kamathipura she added.Unfortunately, it is a reflection of millions of young girls being forced into circumstances beyond their control such as commercial sex work as means of survival.At the height of mistreatment, Kasa secretly took off from home and found herself on the streets of Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh State of India.On her own wish, she started working in the brothel and doesnt want to leave because its a good place to earn money, she says.I'd been told to hide my camera under my scarf, not to speak and not to make eye contact with anyone.

In reality I was using the access I got to make a photographic and video record of a world that shouldnt be allowed to exist.
She is afraid that after marriage he will take away all her money.
Mumbai that would help feed her struggling family.